Amazing flowers bring character and colour to weddings and events

Flowers are very important in a wedding, that’s why we offer the Bride and Groom splendid floral arrangements in all the rooms of the first floor. Flowers accent and complement every moment of the day and live on in photographs and memories of all who took part in the event.

The Castle of Rocca d’Ajello is surrounded by extensive grounds cultivated intensively in order to produce a great variety of flowers. The Castle’s florists use them in stunning arrangements inside the house for weddings and events. Flowers are chosen according to the colour scheme of each room.

Greenery is also very important and the gardens provide many different kinds of foliage to be combined also with wild flowers, fruit and berries picked in the woods and meadows of the estate.

The mix of all these elements makes our arrangements original and unique. They bring inside the ancient castle the colours and scents of the gardens, besides providing a lovely background for photos and videos.